Contact Lens Services

Vision is an important aspect of your health and can have an enormous impact on the quality of life.  Taking care of your eyes is paramount.  Start by seeing an eyecare professional who can assess your medical, as well as specific lifestyle needs and can provide the highest quality contact lenses available that meets those needs and maximizes your vision.

Contact lenses are prescription medical devices that are fit with a number of factors in mind.  In order to decide which option is best for you, your doctor will consider your needs based on your vision, prescription, eye health and lifestyle requirements. At Eyes In The ‘Burg, we’ll educate you on lens types and recommend choices that are best for you.  Different wearing schedules for contact lens replacement are available to suit any lifestyle demand.  Contact lens training is paramount to safely and effectively maintain your eye health and will be given at your evaluation.

At Eyes In The ‘Burg, we understand contact lenses are not for everyone.  However, a wide variety of contact lens options are available, including, bifocal lenses and those that correct astigmatism.  Contact us today to see if contacts are right for you.